Porto Cookware

Porto Cookware

The true qualities of cookware are often determined less by design, in the popular sense of elaborate forms and innovative features, and more by appropriateness of scale, material attributes and engineering detail. In this respect ‘Porto’ offers an interesting reference point for a cookware set which combines professional characteristics with contemporary domestic cooking requirements.

In response to a brief which called for a transparent glass lid, ‘Porto’ integrates a small porthole window underneath the lid handle, so that cooking progress can be monitored without having to remove the lid and let the heat escape. This subtle consideration, along with other thoughtful details, like pouring rims, internal measuring scales and insulated hollow cast handles, unifies the range. Each piece has a durable stainless steel body with a seamless encapsulated induction base, the exception being the woks which are made from a special non-stick textured 3-ply stainless steel and aluminium laminate.

From an initial core set of four pieces, ‘Porto’ has since grown into a comprehensive range of ten pots and pans, with additional accessories, such as steamer baskets and strainers.

Produced by: Serafino Zani

Date: 2011

Porto Cookware Porto Cookware Porto Cookware Porto Cookware Porto Cookware