Computer Concept

Computer Concept

PROFOLIO is a study of technology, materiality and usability. Designed with the creative professional in mind, this personal computer design concept pushes the limit of current technological possibilities to propose a compact, highly portable solution for many different scenarios and workflows. The concept is a reflection on the widespread use of multiple displays for creative applications and proposes a mobile solution with the advantage of incorporating the functionality of several devices into one integrated proposition.

The device has 3 functional layers based on the same footprint which magnetically connect to each other and can be used in different configurations with single or multiple screens, which can be arranged in different orientations, to offer tailored functionality based on individual user requirements.

PROFOLIO comprises two thin high resolution OLED display panels, which sandwich a keyboard module with trackpad and integrated stylus which contains the primary CPU. The sections are separated for use by sliding them apart. Each screen can be used as a freestanding display, with an integrated stand, combined to create a dual display with multiple configurations or as a tablet together with the stylus. The wireless keyboard can be freely positioned to complete the workspace.

PROFOLIO was developed as part of a future vision project to be shared at COMPUTEX 2024 in Taipei.

Studio Project

Date: 2024

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